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Account Activation:  Billing Options and Payment Information

The Pro 300 Plan is billed at $7.95/month on all cycles.

Domain Registration:
Free Domain:  Domain renewal is free as long as your Qualserv Networks account is active and billed on an Annual cycle.

Existing Domain:  You will need to update the DNS servers at your Registrar to our DNS servers. If you need assistance, please open a ticket after creating your account.

Billing Cycle:
Monthly Billing:  Pro 300 Plan for $7.95/month with a $5.00 Setup Fee.

Quarterly Billing:  Pro 300 Plan for $23.85/quarter with a $5.00 Setup Fee.

Annual Billing:  Pro 300 Plan for $95.40/year with a $5.00 Setup Fee.

Payment Method:
Credit Card:  We currently accept all VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards.

E-Check:  E-Check payments are direct withdrawals from your U.S. checking account. Our EFT system is currently unavailable until 9/1/2008. Please consider using PayPal as an alternative.

PayPal:  PayPal is a third-party gateway that accepts credit card or E-Check payments. If you already have a PayPal account then you may use this option.

Check or Money Order:  You may send your payment by regular mail, however, your account will not be created until after payment is received. All check and money order payments must be on an annual billing cycle.

Type of Account?    
My First Qualserv Networks Account:  You must choose this option if you do not have an existing account at Qualserv Networks.

Additional Account (Merged):  This option merges the new account with your existing Qualserv Networks account.  The accounts will share support center logins, but still have individual cPanel access.

Additional Account (Individual):  This option creates a new support center login and sets up a new billing cycle for this account entirely separate from your existing account.  Ideal for reselling or creating the account for a friend.

If you require further assistance please contact us:  

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